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Commonly Asked Questions.


What type of food/s are they on, & how often do we feed?


     We Feed Primarily raw food, Made in our own Kitchen so we know That they are eating the best nutrional food there is, No, 1 ingredient is Love. We feed Twice a day until they are full.

       They are also on a high protein Dry food out 24/7 just incase they get hungry in between Raw meals and in the night.

Sphynx are not like any regular Cats, they need to have food out 24/7 to keep their metabolism going all day and all night long to keep their bodies warm, which makes up for the lack of hair.


What Litter do you use?


      Since Sphynx Kittens are like Little babies and like to put everything in their mouth -_- When we are litter Training them we use a all natural wood pellet litter incase of ingestion it doesnt harm them.



What Shampoo do you recommend?


    We Use for our kittens what we use for my kids, Organic Burnt bees all natural shampoo. you can find it in Target or Walmart in the baby Isle.






















Do you allow home visits? 


       No, For security reasons we dont allow any visitors in our home, If you'd like to meet a kitten in person we can definitely meet somewhere within 30 min of our Cattery, only after kittens are 8+ weeks and have atleast theyre first set of shots, no exceptions.



Why Are Deposits NON Refundable.

     Deposits are non refundable because once deposit is given for a certain Kitten that kitten immediately is reserved for the person/Family that placed a deposit. In which case if another person/family is interested in the same colored kitten and lose their chance to own the said kitten. Please only place a deposit if you are 100% sure you'd like one of our Kittens, and if you do, we thank you so much for trusting and choosing our cattery <3




What Final Payment Method Do You Accept?  


    As final payment method, if your picking up locally we only accept Cash, or Cashiers Check. Remainder of the Payment wont be due until we meet face to face and you see we have your kitten.

    If you purchased from a different state we do accept Zelle as final payment or cashiers check mailed 2 weeks prior to your baby being sent to you to make sure check went through and had no issues. No personal checks.



How often are updates once deposit is placed?


   We TRY to update as much possible, realistically about every 2-2.5 weeks, Please keep in mind that we also have several other Families that we are tending to, our No.1 priority is raising happy healthy babies so updates may not be on point.

Your patience Is GREATLY appreciated!!



Who Runs WA & CA location?


   I (Melissa) Run the WA location, My Beautiful Mother Runs the CA location. If you reserved a baby from either location, I (Melissa) am in charge of getting you updates and walking you through the experience of getting that baby into your loving arms, i will get you updates ect. We do everything Identical so whether your interested in our WA or CA location Babies are raised with the same care and love <3 LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER!!


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